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Sustainability on the Farm: Solutions to a Unique Local Problem


Promoting environmental sustainability is a large-scale problem in need of many solutions. For Lyndsey Morgan, a junior at Duke University, the sustainability problem presents itself in the inefficiency and misuse of traditional animal waste disposal methods on North Carolina swine farms. She is working to remedy this problem by researching efficient, cost-effective methods to utilize swine waste. Already a year into her work, Lyndsey is making significant strides in research and implementation of environmentally sustainable waste disposal methods on local farms. Drawing from her own families experience with farming, Lyndsey has been able to reach out to swine farmers and create local interest in sustainable technology. Currently, she is conducting technology analyses to determine what sorts of alternative waste disposal technologies are best suited to and most feasible for implementation on nearby swine farms. Lyndsey hopes to discover a method of waste disposal that will help pay for itself, thereby minimizing the significant financial and temporal investment required by implementing farms. Over the next year and half, she will continue her efforts to find a solution to this unique local problem.

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