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Help elderly - it's you in xx years


There are a number of developing countries that recently experienced financial crises: Argentina, Russia and number of Asian countries. There are no such programs as AARP or FDIC there. During the recent wave of financial crises, there were millions of hard-working retired professionals, who lost all of their savings (money were held in saving accounts in official banks) due to the currency being devaluated. This presents a challenge given the lack of social support for those individuals, any access to employment (employers don't want to hire "old" people) or any government subsidies or insurance for those lost sums. Therefore, people who worked all their life are now forced into poverty or death. In order to address this societal and government failure, I first would like to start a non-profit organization devoted to elderly support in countries affected by financial crises. These individuals are not lazy people, but very hard-working people with very bad luck in unfortunate circumstances. We have human and ethical responsibility to help those that built this world for us. We will support them through 1. Stamps to purchase groceries through affiliated stores; 2. Organized job fares to help find work (Currently employers are not interested in hiring these individuals due to responsibility for their pensions; we will subsidize, negotiate and find the jobs elderly can excel in); 3. Cash distributed for special needs: medication, surgeries, clothes and vitamins.

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