The Transportation of Information and Medicine During Medical Emergencies

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The Nanites are a First Lego League team comprised of four 8th grade students who have, through their own hard work and perserverance, become innovators, environmentalists and problem solvers. These middle school students are making an impact in their community right now with an eye to making the world a safer place in the future. The transportation of information and medicine during medical emergencies is a totally new way to save lives and the environment. Their idea is original and theirs alone. They have spoken with countless professionals to research, develop, and connect all the medical and technology agencies needed to ensure success.
Thousands of lives are lost each and every year to fast acting, potentially deadly conditions because medical help does not arrive quickly enough to prevent death. The Nanites idea is to use GEMO (Green Emergency Mobile Observer) Pedi cabs to reach medical victims quickly in downtown areas. These Pedi cabs would stream live video to a local hospital, allowing a physician access to see the vicitm at the site and to give medical instructions to the driver. The Pedi cabs would be specially equipped and the drivers would be First Responders.
Not only has this team of young teenagers researched the cost to implement their idea, they have obtained interest from the largest hospital system in Oregon to become the testing ground. Mary Orr of the Multnomah County Health Department said, "It’s people like you who will grow up to make the world a safer place."

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