Using the Space Between Cola Bottles to Distribute Drugs in Developing Countries

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1 in 5 children before their 5th birthday because of little or no access to basic medicines. ColaLife addresses the issues of access to drugs and medical supplies in developing countries. ColaLife has created new models for the distribution of lifesaving medicines in developing countries. It offers win-win arrangements locally, nationally and internationally; letting health and development agencies “piggy-back” the distribution of medicines on the existing commercial distribution channels for widely distributed products like Coca-Cola. These channels are remarkably successful in developing countries, where reliable distribution for even the simplest health supplies is largely non-existent, they already penetrate right down to the most remote markets. By brokering appropriate distribution models, other products, like medical supplies, can utilize these channels, to get life-saving medicines where they are needed most, incurring minimal extra cost, management and logistics. In ColaLife’s first model, currently in development, “AidPods” have been designed to fit in the space between cola bottles, carrying locally selected products close to health centers, field workers and communities, even, in the most remote areas !
The idea was discovered, as a part of a project at The Albright Institute, Wellesley College. Six weeks into working on the project, I found Mr. Simon Berry, the Founder and Director of the ColaLife project, UK, who has been working in this capacity since 2008. Since the meeting, we decided to collaborate our efforts and put forth our ideas to help develop and enhance the ColaLife concept.

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