Transporter for Rural Dwellers to Carry Water to Their Homes

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Aqua Port is an easy to use and affordable device that makes it more efficient for rural dwellers, particularly women and children, to transport water from water source to where the water is needed. The device is based on the roller concept in which the weight of moving the water is distributed between the user and the ground thereby enabling the user to easily push or pull the device to move it.
Due to the modular nature of the device, users can carry 15 liters to 90 liters of water (each module holding about 15 liters of water) depending on their need. Each module of the Aqua Port is designed to make it easier to collect water from the source and pour water out once the user has arrived at his/her destination.
The device aims to alleviate difficulty and bodily injury during water transportation. In making the process of water transportation quicker, we hope the users will have more time to engage in entrepreneurial activities or family building. The team is also working to create a sustainable business for rural villagers in manufacturing and distributing the product.
A team of seven MIT students and one RISD student designed the product during a Product Design and Development class. Aqua Port team has won the MIT IDEAS competition and a MIT Legatum seed grant. The design has also been profiled on international blogs and websites. The team is currently doing a field study of the product in Tamale, Ghana.


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