Big Belly, a Solar Trash Compactor

December 8th, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

I would like to nominate Big Belly Solar and Olin alum Jeff Satwicz ‘06 for the award. Jeff, along with classmate Bret Richmond and Babson MBAs Alexander Perera and James Poss, founded this company, whose flagship product, the eco-friendly Big Belly Solar Trash Compactor, is revolutionizing the processing of trash in cities around the globe. The Big Belly uses solar power to compact trash in high traffic areas, such as parks and city streets, eliminating the need for frequent pick ups. According to the company’s website, BigBelly can operate for a week on the equivalent energy it takes to make a pot of coffee. For its combination of economic and environmental advantages, and contributions to sustainable living, I nominate Jeff and his colleagues at Big Belly Solar for the Extraordinary Stories Student Award.


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