What is your water bottle?

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Six students from Bryant University formed the “Inspire Green” (formerly PURO) team and their success is a wonderful example of all of the hard work being accomplished by students everywhere.

Team INSPIRE GREEN (formerly PURO) identified a need (replace the use of plastic water bottles and their waste). The team had the foresight to see the need to eliminate this huge form of polution from college campuses (and elsewhere). They found a company that makes a filtered water bottle that they could market to colleges / universities and other companies looking to promote a “Go Green” image.

INSPIRE GREEN (PURO) then took this fantastic idea and product and developed unique and innovative marketing programs through their company.

The team (first semester sophomores) had such faith in their business plan idea that they took their plan and competed in the Babson Graduate School of Entreprenureship Competition where they beat Graduate School of Entrepreneurship students and graduates.

The company is now poised to launch their business plan idea on a nationwide basis

Check out their commercial!


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